Frequently Asked Questions

Are your toothpicks and travel cases really made from recycled material?

Yes, absolutely! Our toothpicks and travel cases are crafted from 99% recycled materials, ensuring that every purchase contributes to reducing plastic waste and conserving natural resources.

How do I use the soft rubber toothpicks?

Using our soft rubber toothpicks is easy! Follow these simple steps for effective interdental cleaning:

1. Choose the appropriate size (Small, Medium, or Large) based on your interdental gaps.

2. Gently insert the toothpick between your teeth, moving it back and forth to remove plaque and debris.

3. Be sure to clean both sides of each tooth, reaching the gum line for thorough cleaning.

4. Rinse the toothpick after each use and store it in a clean, dry place.

Can the soft rubber toothpick be reused?

Yes! Our soft rubber toothpicks are designed for durability and can be reused multiple times. After each use, rinse them thoroughly and allow them to air dry. Replace the toothpick when it shows signs of wear or damage.

Why is interdental cleaning important?

Cleaning between the teeth is crucial for maintaining good oral health. While a toothbrush can clean about 60% of the tooth surfaces, dental plaque can build up between teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach. Interdental brushes are effective in removing dental plaque from these areas, helping prevent cavities and gum disease. They are easy to use and just as effective as dental floss.

How often should I use interdental brushes?

Make it a daily routine to brush between your teeth with an interdental brush once a day. It will keep your mouth healthy and prevent gum inflammation and cavities. Interdental brushes can also be used for cleaning implants and orthodontic appliances.

How should I clean the travel case?

Cleaning the travel case is simple. Rinse it with warm water and mild soap, then allow it to dry completely before reuse. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the case.

How do you contribute to a better environment?

At FlexiPicks, we are committed to environmental sustainability. By using 99% recycled materials in our products, we reduce the demand for virgin resources and minimize waste. Additionally, our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. We also support initiatives that promote eco-conscious practices and donate a portion of our profits to environmental organizations.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. We're here to assist you on your journey towards a greener and healthier smile.